"LIGHT // SOUND is an indie rock band out of New Orleans and Daniel Amedee, their singer/guitarist, has made a short run of this fantastic release complete with a handmade wooden case built from repurposed floorboard slats from homes salvaged in New Orleans via The Green Project. There’s rich history both in the songwriting and musical expression as well as this stunning package. L // S’s music is inherently optimistic sounding and the lyrics mirror that sensation, too. Musically, this is a pretty unique outfit, though if you can imagine a stripped-down The Unicorns/Islands set with less goofiness and more sincere optimism, you’ll get pretty close. It’s a little bit dancy, it’s a lot laid back, and it’s heaps and heaps of feel-good jams."



"Listeners will find themselves hypnotized and held warmly by the dark, lustrous tones expressed. There’s just something perfectly honed about this initial presentation; while still a little loose-of-ligament like all the best indie recordings, LIGHT // SOUND also betrays an unmissable confidence which implies that luck had nothing to do with how the band comes off here – it’s just one hundred percent talent."

- Bill Adams, Ground Control Magazine


"Other than boasting one of the most inventive covers of the albums released this year, LIGHT // SOUND’s debut holds the distinction of being a great indie rock album in the tradition of Sebadoh, and actually living up to such praise. Right out of the gate, the New Orleans-bred band manages to capture the idea of indie creativity at its finest and most homegrown as they mix excellent rock songwriting chops with small but tight sonics with the perfect amount of underground class and style to ensure that listeners are enthralled with the music. The results are brilliant and will have those who hear it coming back for more and more and more."

- Bill Adams,


“Don't Hold Me Down” starts the curious album off with, well, a minute of minimal ambience before the tune breaks into an '80s influenced indie rocker. “Running Wild” follows and again there's some instrumental meandering before a more dance-oriented outing with xylophone type noises. “We'll Be Happy” brings us into a percussive heavy and quirky environment that's both frisky and cautious.

The middle of the album offers us the post-punk influenced “I Can See You Now” and the meticulous and fuzzed out “Little Life,” while “Big Eyes Big Heart” strips the sound back to minimal and melodic with a glowing atmosphere. 

Things get even more unclassifiable as we get near the end. There is the restrained shrieking of “Panic In America,” which is an eccentric pop song indebted to the '80s, and the spaced out “Making Love Making Noise,” where '90s college rock meets world music on another planet. The album exits on the bare and hypnotic “Find The Light Within,” which explodes in an ebullient and charged rocker.

- Tom Haugen, Daily Vault